Talent Development

Customised In-House Training

Whatever business challenges you face, we can work with you to enhance your organisation's performance through in-house training on any areas of Islamic finance. We will tailor-made the program to meet your business's particular objectives and deliver outstanding results on your specific issues.

Why Customised Your In-House Trainings?

It is a highly flexible, efficient, cost and time effective way to get the maximum return on your training and development investment. Since programs are held at your premises (or at a venue of your choice), your staff don't incur the expense and loss of time associated with travelling. You can also learn from our accredited trainers who have direct experience with any specific issues in Islamic Finance. And because they are learning together, they can discuss and debate the unique circumstances of your organisation, making the learning even more relevant and effective.

Why Us?

As part of Malaysia International Islamic Financial Centre (MIFC) initiatives, we know what Islamic Finance is all about and what the practitioners and non-practitioners alike need to know, do and deliver to succeed; either in the spectrum Islamic banking, Takaful, Islamic capital market or Islamic wealth management.

“IBFIM shall be the trailblazer to professionalize the industry. Move forward more boldly”

Datuk Muhammad Bin Ibrahim
Governor of Bank Negara Malaysia
Global Islamic Finance Forum 5.0 (2016)

"In terms of industry training, IBFIM, to date, I understand has trained 32 percent of the total Islamic finance industry workforce. So, while I'm very impressed with the programs that they had drawn up, I know it is, although you said it was a repackaging, I know it is much more than a repackaging. It is really you've intensified the quality of the programs being offered so that it is relevant to the changes that we are going to experience throughout the next decade".

Tan Sri Dato' Sri Dr. Zeti Akhtar Aziz
Former Governor of Bank Negara Malaysia
On the launching of IBFIM’s Islamic Finance Qualifications Framework & Progression Route, 18th December 2011

You also pay per event, rather than per person, giving you a much larger return on your investment. On top of it, any investment made with us will entitle you to obtain a double tax deduction from the Ministry of Finance (MOF). Talk about cost savings!

Our Contact

If you'd like to speak to us about your in-house training and development requirements, kindly e-mail us at training@ibfim.com or you may call the following persons at 03-2031 1010 for assistance:

  1. Puan Zanariah Zahari ext:554
  2. Puan Norzly Sharman Khamis ext: 561
  3. Puan Sandora Mhd Soif ext: 560
  4. En. Azrik Rosle ext: 562

For Further Information, Please Contact

Marketing Team at 03-2031 1010 ext 547/564/599 or
Email us at : training@ibfim.com