Talent Development


As an industry-owned and regulator-linked institute dedicated to serving the needs of the Islamic finance community, IBFIM is at the forefront of innovation to create and develop cutting-edge programs for the benefit of the industry.

IBFIM programs cover Islamic Banking, Takaful, Islamic Capital Market and Islamic Wealth Management. Based on the industry needs...

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Customised In-House Training

We will tailor-made the program to meet your business's particular objectives and deliver outstanding results on your specific issues.

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FAA Accredited Programs

IBFIM is the first training provider (Reg. No. RTP00001) registered with Finance Accreditation Agency (FAA) in our effort to support Bank Negara Malaysia's aspiration that all financial services industry's training programs are being accredited to ensure the quality of the programs. Below is the list of our recent accredited programs:

Name of Program Accreditation Status Accreditation Approved Date Expiry Date
Islamic Financial Planner (IFP) FFA 4/12/2014 4/12/2016
Fundamental Certificate in Islamic Banking and Takaful (FCIBT) FFA 4/12/2014 4/12/2016
Associate Qualification in Islamic Finance (AQIF) FFA 17/9/2014 17/9/2016
Intermediate Qualification in Islamic Finance - Banking (IQIF- Banking) FFA 17/9/2014 17/9/2016
*FFA = FAA Full Accreditation

Having attained the full accreditation, IBFIM will strive to demonstrate the outcomes in line with its goals and objectives for continuous improvement in order to advance as the best training provider in Malaysia.

Specialised Training